Friday, December 2, 2011

Sean Patrick's album "Under Sunny Skies" not so sunny

Hello.I have recently found out that my album "Under Sunny Skies" will not be released before Christmas as was planned.The album will be released next year,2012. Unfortunately,there were some complications getting the proper musicians together for the album.Sax player Joe Grillo will be playing a nice saxaphone solo on a song called "You Alone".Joe is busy doing projects with Bruce Springsteen and other well known New Jersey artist this time of year.However,Joe is aware and, has agreed to work with me on the album.The album just needs some extra guitar work,a few vocal changes and that's basically it.All the main parts and ideas for the songs are done. I will,however,be releasing a song I recorded at the Seventeenth Avenue studio in a few days.The songs called "It's Only Been a Lifetime".I actually wrote the song three years ago but never got around to recording it.I finished and mastered the song last night(12/1/2011) with engineer/producer(Plinky)Salvatore Giglio.As I mentioned in my other blog,I am recording an album at the Seventeenth Avenue studio with Plinky.That project will also be completed next year.The album will be called"Seventeenth Avenue";A Plain and simple title. Anyway, having told you guys that,I am very busy working and writing.The songs for the Seventeenth Avenue album will be different from my songs in the past;as I believed I mentioned in other blogs.I hope you check out my song"It's Only Been a Lifetime", which will be released in a few days.I had to put something out before Christmas or at least by the end of 2011.But I promise,the new song mentioned will be released in a few days.I'll blog about it the day it's released. Thanks for reading and having an interest.It's always a pleasure. Keep Rockin' Sean Patrick