Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New single "Its Only Been a Lifetime" released

Hey ALL !! I recently posted that I was working on a new album and, that a single would be released from it,well,it's here. Last night, it was posted to many different sites such as:iTunes Mexico, VerveLife, Rhapsody, MySpace Music, Zune, MediaNet, Spotify, iTunes U.S., iTunes Australia/N.Z., iTunes Canada, Nokia, eMusic, iTunes UK/European Union, iTunes Japan.So check it out.I will soon have it on jango so check out that site as well.Remember that on Jango music you need to just type in Sean Patrick and my page will appear with all of my songs.I also started to work on another song as well while I was mixing my single with my engineer/producer Salvatore(Plinky) Giglio yesterday.It's a bit of a spiritual song which, I had written for my mini-pop opera "In the Midst of the Raging Storm".The song was roughly recorded when I was making that album but, somehow didn't make it on the album.It sounds better now,since I worked out the problems with Plinky.I also wrote the new single for the mini-pop album I did but that too,didn't make it.I may have mentioned that before on here as well,not sure if I did or didn't mention it. Anyway,the single is out.Check out some of those probably will be ready now with the new single.Some of the sites mentioned wait 24 to 72 hours or so before releasing any new music.You gotta check it out for yourselves.The new single is mellow a bit,very pop sounding.So the single is called "Its Only Been a Lifetime".Hope you all enjoy it.I may have another one released before Christmas as well.My engineer thinks its very possible.We'll see. Thanks for reading Everyone. Peace and Rock on !! Sean Patrick