Friday, March 16, 2012

Radio Now 16 FREE DOWNLOAD 100% FREE

Hello,It's been awhile huh? Well,3000 Records has just released Radio Now volume 16.It's a compilation of many different styles of musical works.Of course, I have a song on there called Looking to Fall,that I recorded last year at the  Squirrel Ranch Studio.The song was done specifically for this project.It took awhile for 3000 records to release this project, but it's here.I checked out all the artist music on Radio Now vol.16 and,they're pretty good.There's about 16 artist on there altogether.There's some rock,pop,electronic,country and metal on this volume.They really did a nice job putting these works together.

When I'm on a compilation cd,I try and show support and encouragement to the artist on there.All of the musical artist have the same desire, which is to create music so why not.It's all about the music.Anyway,do you want 100%FREE DOWNLOAD MUSIC from some awesome artist? Well then ...GoTo: enter  your name , email and download your free album,that's it !

Cool guys,you are on your way to listen to another great volume from 3000 Records.

Enjoy and Thank You

Sean Patrick