Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Comes to a Close

Hey All,

Hope everyone had a good holiday. We celebrate Christmas in our home and, really get into the spirit of giving and all that.To me,giving is the best part of the holidays.I love giving gifts to friends and family,ect.It just makes me feel so good inside letting someone know what they really mean to me as a person.I also like giving to charities and people who are in need because to me,it's very important to provide others with the love and warmth that,maybe they don't get at home or,have the opportunity to enjoy,as much as I do.

You know,everyone is hurting in their pockets right now but,I believe that,if we all contribute to peoples well intended causes,churches and,organizations such as:GoodWill,Salvation Army ect..that we as a people,society,civilization, can and will grow stronger.Now,some may agree and may not but,that's my take on the way to make things better.If we go around hurting and ignoring,killing each other, eventually (maybe sooner than later) there won't be anyone left to sell our ideas to or even a way to make money because we've killed them all off or,are all rich and don't need anything else;which ,as you can conclude,will create a whole new problem in itself.

If we continue,as a society,people,community,whatever,we need to learn to exist amongst our nemises.Maybe I'm getting carried away on my soapbox but,as you can gather,I'm more than just a singer/songwriter ect..That's just something for me to live in.I really do,think for the most part that,people are good and,have well intentions.For those who do not,are either mentally ill or, are under the devil's thumb.I believe,that if I do unto others as I would want to be treated that,not only will I feel abit better about myself but,will help society feel better about themselves as well.

and Rock On !

Sean Patrick