Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sean Patrick's Under Sunny Skies EP Review:

This EP is quite strong. It is only marred by a couple of somewhat minor issues. For one thing, at times the production seems to be reaching a bit too hard for a modern audience. That’s heard in some vague elements of some of the vocal production. Beyond that, though, a little bit of awkwardness at times in the closing cut, this is nearly flawless set. 

The musical modes that open the album on “Looking to Fall” are classic and accessible and just plain fun. There’s more of a 1970s pop rock vibe in place, but the vocals at times feel a bit more modern in terms of processing. The vocal hooks are quite strong. 

The musical elements on “539” are similarly classic rock inspired. The organ sounds in particular are both retro and tasty. The vocals, though, bring almost a modern country feeling to this. It’s more of a ballad in terms of construction and scope. It’s a cool tune that’s both more retro and more modern at the same time. The guitar solo is quite tasteful and classic. It has a bluesy country kind of sound to it. 

As “Calling Brian Wilson” starts, the motif is much more modern. In fact, this has almost a modern progressive pop feeling to it. As one might guess from the title, though, there are some Beach Boys references musically later. Those come partially through instrumentation and partly through the vocals. There are also some hints of Cheap Trick in the mix here at times, too. While this is less instantly accessible than the first two pieces, it’s quite a competent tune that actually grows on the listener with repeated spins. 

“Time or the Hour” is another cut that’s more or less a ballad. The thing is, the progressive rock leanings that have shown up here and there seem really to come home to roost here. While it’s mostly a modern prog sound, there are some definite retro flavors. The tasty guitar soloing is one of those. The retro keyboard sound is another. This is arguably the best track here. The lyrical content is more mature and the song composition itself is also more advanced. This one is worth the price of admission all by itself. 

“Apart of Your World” has a definite reggae vibe to the rhythm section. There is a horn section on this that’s used to good effect. The guitar tone almost sounds like some of the more recent work from Santana. This is a catchy tune that’s another nice change from the music that preceded it. It’s one of the highlights, too. 

“You Alone” has more of that classic rock meets modern pop vibe . If there’s a clunker here (and that’s questionable), it’s this one. There are just a couple spots where it feels a bit awkward. Still, there are enough effective moments to make up for any shortcoming. A saxophone solo later lends a bit of a jazz air to the piece, too. The closing section is quite jazz oriented. 

Overall, this is a very strong release. It is sure to leave listeners wishing there were more songs here. Yes, the production feels just a little trendy. The songwriting and performances, though, reach way beyond that. The music and influences here really have a classic quality. This is extremely accessible music that is sure to appeal to a wide audience. Overall, it’s the kind of music that seems to grow with each additional spin. Expect great things in the future from Patrick because this set shows a lot of promise. While waiting for those future moments, enjoy this one. It’s highly recommended. 

Artist: Sean Patrick 
Title: Under Sunny Skies
Review by G. W. Hill
Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Check out my new album Under Sunny Skies distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!

Check out my new album Under Sunny Skies distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sean Patrick's Vehicle Accident

Ok, It's been awhile but these last few months I've been busy with the family and,was also was involved in a bad vehicle accident early  May.Yes,I am ok.However,being involved in an accident that you know you didn't cause and, with kids in the backseat while you're driving,really f$%#'s your mind up a bit.

It happened about 8AM on a Wednesday.I was just turning onto the road where the kids school is located and BOOM,a car comes from nowhere and hits my back tire.Not just a tap but a major whack.My two kids were in the car.They're both in middle school.My daughter was closest to the impact and was almost killed.We all received bumps and bruises but were ok for the most part.

The other vehicle literally never braked,stopped,paused,nothing.He hit my vehicle and continued driving for about twenty feet.Usually,one would stop or brake apon impact..Not this guy.He continued driving.Now,I was making a left,completed my turn onto my destination and Vedeep Karmasabitch (My daughter said he was texting or on his phone) hits me a few seconds after turning.Vedeep gets out of his vehicle,cellphone in hand, decides to call his wife or girlfriend,whatever.I told him to call the police.

So, Vedeep called the police (Not his name by the way),they came and stated I was at fault because I was making a left and,he (Vedeep) had the right of way.See in New Jersey,If you're making a left you're automatically at fault.Even though I was already turned and he never stopped or saw me,I was wrong.I received a 85.00 dollar ticket and the other guy didn't.I don't think.Anyway,I paid the ticket online and was done with the drama.My kids and I did go to the hospital.They were nice assisted our cuts and bruises.Gave us meds and we were on our way home.

Accidents screw you up.I don't feel comfortable driving now.I never had an accident until May.The most BS I ever received was a speeding ticket(5 miles over the limit) and a few parking tickets.That's it.
I really don't enjoy driving but use to travel for a big company in the late 90's.I mean all over.Never an accident.Snow,sleet ,rain,tornado's never a problem.Oh well,was it Karma? God? The Devil? or just an Unlucky day? None of the above sorry to say.It was due to bad judgement of the other driver.Do you know he never braked?They didn't find any brake marks on the road this driver was traveling on.Goes to show how much other drivers(especially foreign ones) care about what they're doing.

And let me tell you.My wife is a foreigner.Doesn't speak a lick of english.And she's a terrible driver.Her whole family receive's over 15 traffic tickets a year.I kid you not.So before you go getting upset at this blog,realize that there is alot of fact in what I'm typing.My wife gets probably 3 or four moving traffic violations a year.Her license will be suspended soon.I guess for all you New Jersey drivers that's a good thing huh?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Radio Now 16 FREE DOWNLOAD 100% FREE

Hello,It's been awhile huh? Well,3000 Records has just released Radio Now volume 16.It's a compilation of many different styles of musical works.Of course, I have a song on there called Looking to Fall,that I recorded last year at the  Squirrel Ranch Studio.The song was done specifically for this project.It took awhile for 3000 records to release this project, but it's here.I checked out all the artist music on Radio Now vol.16 and,they're pretty good.There's about 16 artist on there altogether.There's some rock,pop,electronic,country and metal on this volume.They really did a nice job putting these works together.

When I'm on a compilation cd,I try and show support and encouragement to the artist on there.All of the musical artist have the same desire, which is to create music so why not.It's all about the music.Anyway,do you want 100%FREE DOWNLOAD MUSIC from some awesome artist? Well then ...GoTo: www.radionow16.com enter  your name , email and download your free album,that's it !

Cool guys,you are on your way to listen to another great volume from 3000 Records.

Enjoy and Thank You

Sean Patrick

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Comes to a Close

Hey All,

Hope everyone had a good holiday. We celebrate Christmas in our home and, really get into the spirit of giving and all that.To me,giving is the best part of the holidays.I love giving gifts to friends and family,ect.It just makes me feel so good inside letting someone know what they really mean to me as a person.I also like giving to charities and people who are in need because to me,it's very important to provide others with the love and warmth that,maybe they don't get at home or,have the opportunity to enjoy,as much as I do.

You know,everyone is hurting in their pockets right now but,I believe that,if we all contribute to peoples well intended causes,churches and,organizations such as:GoodWill,Salvation Army ect..that we as a people,society,civilization, can and will grow stronger.Now,some may agree and may not but,that's my take on the way to make things better.If we go around hurting and ignoring,killing each other, eventually (maybe sooner than later) there won't be anyone left to sell our ideas to or even a way to make money because we've killed them all off or,are all rich and don't need anything else;which ,as you can conclude,will create a whole new problem in itself.

If we continue,as a society,people,community,whatever,we need to learn to exist amongst our nemises.Maybe I'm getting carried away on my soapbox but,as you can gather,I'm more than just a singer/songwriter ect..That's just something for me to live in.I really do,think for the most part that,people are good and,have well intentions.For those who do not,are either mentally ill or, are under the devil's thumb.I believe,that if I do unto others as I would want to be treated that,not only will I feel abit better about myself but,will help society feel better about themselves as well.

and Rock On !

Sean Patrick


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello,And just a quick note.I've been getting alot of good comments/questions about my single ITS Only Been a Lifetime,which I recorded a month ago at Seventeenth Avenue Studio with Engineer/Producer Salvatore(Plinky)Giglio. Many people are asking where to download the song.You can download the song on MySpace.com or go here: www.rhapsody.com/album/Alb.52291740. There are other places you can check as well.iTUNES,SPOTIFY.COM,TUNECORE.COM and many other download sites. Hope that answers all your questions about that. Happy Holiday's Sean Patrick

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays!

Hey,So I just wanna say Happy Holidays to all of my fans.Thank you all so much for taking an interest in all my endeavors this year.I really do appreciate all of your support.Thanks also for buying my albums/downloads (Including the latest one) and,taking an interest in my newer project at Seventeenth Avenue Studios with Salvatore Giglio (Producer/Engineer).That project IS still in the works, as well as,Squirrel Ranch Studios Project (Under Sunny Skies);which will be out next year 2012.Hey I also learned that SPOTIFY.COM has got me in there library which I either completely forgot about OR was never informed.Also,FOL RECORDS.COM have me in their library.I believe you have to vote for me or something like that so PLEASE check that out. Hopefully,after all the recording sessions are done, I can go on tour around the globe a bit.Wouldn't that be nice? Yeah well,don't get your hopes up...It really depends on sales,time and location,location,location.It really does. I've been doing little shows in New Jersey and,I have performed along the east coast,New York,Maryland ect but,really want an opportunity to perform on a wider scale.You all heard my music.At least most of you have ,I hope.You decide. Hey,anyway,have a GREAT HOLIDAY.Be Blessed and all that.Be well AND..treat each other with kindness. You guys ROCK! Peace,Love and ROCK ON! SEAN PATRICK Sean Patrick - Its Only Been a Lifetime - Single