Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays!

Hey,So I just wanna say Happy Holidays to all of my fans.Thank you all so much for taking an interest in all my endeavors this year.I really do appreciate all of your support.Thanks also for buying my albums/downloads (Including the latest one) and,taking an interest in my newer project at Seventeenth Avenue Studios with Salvatore Giglio (Producer/Engineer).That project IS still in the works, as well as,Squirrel Ranch Studios Project (Under Sunny Skies);which will be out next year 2012.Hey I also learned that SPOTIFY.COM has got me in there library which I either completely forgot about OR was never informed.Also,FOL RECORDS.COM have me in their library.I believe you have to vote for me or something like that so PLEASE check that out. Hopefully,after all the recording sessions are done, I can go on tour around the globe a bit.Wouldn't that be nice? Yeah well,don't get your hopes up...It really depends on sales,time and location,location,location.It really does. I've been doing little shows in New Jersey and,I have performed along the east coast,New York,Maryland ect but,really want an opportunity to perform on a wider scale.You all heard my music.At least most of you have ,I hope.You decide. Hey,anyway,have a GREAT HOLIDAY.Be Blessed and all that.Be well AND..treat each other with kindness. You guys ROCK! Peace,Love and ROCK ON! SEAN PATRICK Sean Patrick - Its Only Been a Lifetime - Single