Friday, June 22, 2012

Sean Patrick's Vehicle Accident

Ok, It's been awhile but these last few months I've been busy with the family and,was also was involved in a bad vehicle accident early  May.Yes,I am ok.However,being involved in an accident that you know you didn't cause and, with kids in the backseat while you're driving,really f$%#'s your mind up a bit.

It happened about 8AM on a Wednesday.I was just turning onto the road where the kids school is located and BOOM,a car comes from nowhere and hits my back tire.Not just a tap but a major whack.My two kids were in the car.They're both in middle school.My daughter was closest to the impact and was almost killed.We all received bumps and bruises but were ok for the most part.

The other vehicle literally never braked,stopped,paused,nothing.He hit my vehicle and continued driving for about twenty feet.Usually,one would stop or brake apon impact..Not this guy.He continued driving.Now,I was making a left,completed my turn onto my destination and Vedeep Karmasabitch (My daughter said he was texting or on his phone) hits me a few seconds after turning.Vedeep gets out of his vehicle,cellphone in hand, decides to call his wife or girlfriend,whatever.I told him to call the police.

So, Vedeep called the police (Not his name by the way),they came and stated I was at fault because I was making a left and,he (Vedeep) had the right of way.See in New Jersey,If you're making a left you're automatically at fault.Even though I was already turned and he never stopped or saw me,I was wrong.I received a 85.00 dollar ticket and the other guy didn't.I don't think.Anyway,I paid the ticket online and was done with the drama.My kids and I did go to the hospital.They were nice assisted our cuts and bruises.Gave us meds and we were on our way home.

Accidents screw you up.I don't feel comfortable driving now.I never had an accident until May.The most BS I ever received was a speeding ticket(5 miles over the limit) and a few parking tickets.That's it.
I really don't enjoy driving but use to travel for a big company in the late 90's.I mean all over.Never an accident.Snow,sleet ,rain,tornado's never a problem.Oh well,was it Karma? God? The Devil? or just an Unlucky day? None of the above sorry to say.It was due to bad judgement of the other driver.Do you know he never braked?They didn't find any brake marks on the road this driver was traveling on.Goes to show how much other drivers(especially foreign ones) care about what they're doing.

And let me tell you.My wife is a foreigner.Doesn't speak a lick of english.And she's a terrible driver.Her whole family receive's over 15 traffic tickets a year.I kid you not.So before you go getting upset at this blog,realize that there is alot of fact in what I'm typing.My wife gets probably 3 or four moving traffic violations a year.Her license will be suspended soon.I guess for all you New Jersey drivers that's a good thing huh?