Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recording at 17th Avenue Studios

So the last couple a weeks I took some time out of my Recording at the Squirrel Ranch and,Started recording with engineer/producer (Plinky) Salvatore Giglio at his Seventh Avenue recording studio in Dayton,New Jersey.I've wanted to record with Plinky for a long time and, when the opportunity presented itself,I jumped at the chance.The songs I'm recording with Plinky are alittle different from the ones I've recorded at the Squirrel Ranch. They'll be more keyboard,bass and drums and less guitar work.It's really sounding good.For now,I'm just recording some singles with Plinky. Maybe later on,I'll be recording an album there.Not sure yet. Well,that's all I got to tell you for now. Keep Rockin'... Sean Patrick