Friday, September 30, 2011

Third studio album almost complete

So we're almost done with my third studio album which title was going to be "It's a Man's Beach"but I'm not digging the idea anymore.The album was targeted to be released by the end of the summer but of course it didn't make its deadline.Yeah,so I scrapped the beach theme idea. The album does make alot of beach and New Jersey shore references,as you will find out soon enough.That's why I wanted the title to be "It's a Man's Beach".Also because it was to be released in, or torwards the end of the summer.This third album will only have six songs on it.They're alittle bit different but not out of the blue different.Alot of the album was done live,with me and studio musicians basically sitting (I was sitting) around in a circle playing the charted out songs of mine.

I've also been working with different musicians/artist this past year at the Squirrel Ranch Studio.I've been Laying background vocals on their albums and projects,here and there where I am needed.As a hired studio musician, my main instrument is my voice not the guitar.When I perform my own material in the studio, I play guitar and do all the vocals.I'm hoping to branch out even further as a studio musician by the end of this year.We'll see how things go.

After this album is released,I may take a break from recording,I'm not sure.I will be working with other recording studios before the end of this year,as well as some different musicians.
Anyway,That's all I got for now.

Take Care
Keep Rockin'

Sean Patrick